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Welcome to another night of Poet's Drunken Nostalgia--Transformers Anniversary Edition!

This show has been my dear friend for literally my entire life--today, Transformers turned 28 years old. So let's raise a toast and eat some cake for my oldest and truest bro in the world. It's a party!

Fun fact: I learned a lot of important lessons from this show.

Transformers taught me to question what I see; to investigate; to find mystery and wonder in the world around me; above all, to embrace a world that was, indeed, more than simply met the eye.

Transformers taught me that I can be as fabulous as I goddamn want and not give up any man points.

Transformers taught me that sometimes it's okay to run away from a fight. I don't have to win every time; no one will think any less of me.

Transformers taught me both to be a good winner, and not to get overconfident just because things are going well. Gloaters get their asses kicked.

Transformers taught me there's nothing wrong with not backing down either, as long as I'm a big enough man to take my ass-kicking if it's coming.

Transformers taught me that just because someone is different doesn't mean shit; you can still party with them.

Transformers taught me that yelling solves nothing.

Transformers taught me that just because I found it does not make it 'mine', and I should not take it home with me.

Transformers taught me it's okay to cry.

Transformers taught me that failure is no reason not to keep trying.

Transformers taught me that no matter who they are, no matter how little you get along with someone, there is no one in the world you can't find a kind word for if you try.

Transformers taught me that 'genuinely good person' and 'kind of a dick' don't have to be mutually exclusive.
this was, legit, something I had a hard time with for a while

Transformers taught me that sometimes doing the right thing is hard, and sometimes it hurts, but it's always worth it to have stood your ground for what you believe in the end.

Transformers taught me that there is very little in the world that actually NEEDS to make sense.

Transformers taught me that sometimes men kiss, and that's okay too.

I could honestly go on for ever about the life lessons I took from this series as a child and young adolescent don't even get me started on the comics. Honestly it should probably concern me a little how much impact I let this show have on me, but I don't think any of them were actually 'bad' lessons. Didn't that used to be a big thing in the nineties? Those 'everything I need to know in life I learned from X' posters?

Anyway, how about you? Any other TF-heads take anything away from this show as a kid beyond 'holy shit, ROBOTS ARE AWESOME'? Because let's face it, we all knew that already.
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