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Real Man still crying over Fake Robots, yes I am

People in the fandom who ship characters because they worked together/spoke/made eye contact one time but insist Bulkhead's fatherly affection towards Miko was 'sudden', 'forced', and/or 'totally not actually there'.  Because you know, when someone says 'do this for your family' and the dying guy starts flashing back to this one particular character, obviously that's a lot less canon than the supposed romantic relationship between the narcissist backalley surgeon and his lovely assistant hired muscle.

This wouldn't bother me as much except for all the hate and insults flying around about it.  Wry you always do dis, fandoms?  I mean seriously, it's okay to not like Bulk or Miko, or the episode (which was a Bad Plot Device Bonanza, it's true) but really.  Personal insults.  Really.
and am I seriously the only person who likes these characters?
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