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Oh yeah beeches, we're goin' weekly with this.

Anyway, this time I'm going with what I was drinking last week when the new episode of Prime would have aired, and revisited at the same time again this week.  This may become a pattern for a short time.

This week's drink has been dubbed Big Daddy and the Little Rockstar, or,

I heaved on your floor mats
'I Just Heaved On Your Floor Mat'

alternately, 'What Poet is Drinking To Forget He Won't Know If Bulkhead Will Be Okay Until The Summer Hiatus Is Over, Fuck You Very Much Hasbro'.

2 - Big Daddy and the Little Rockstar
Big Daddy

2 parts Absinthe (cut this down to 1 if you have a low tolerance. Don't try to be a hero.)
1 shot vodka
1shot silver spiced rum
1 can Mountain Dew

Little Rockstar

Rock On! Energy shot (I used pomegranate)
splash of lime juice

Pour the Rock On! Energy drink into a shotglass, hit it with the lime juice, and set aside. Mix Big Daddy with ice (I highly recommend against shaking soda, for the record), then strain into a tall glass. Drop the shot in, and pound it.

Watch your ass though, because like Bulkhead this drink will wreck the shit out of you and do it fast.

For those who do not want their booze coma to be tainted by too much caffeine, or like me have a low caffeine tolerance, I have a variation on this I call the 'Mechanical Daddy' or 'Daddy's Tinted Windows'. Simply substitute a Green Machine fruit and vegetable smoothie for the Mountain Dew (any brand will do, or you can make your own). Everything else is the same. I personally prefer this in every way, but find the texture to be a turn-off for some. By which I mean everyone I convinced to test drive this drink with me.

It is acceptable to drink this without the Little Rockstar if you absolutely insist on hating Miko that much/are afraid of 'bomb' style drinks, but I'll judge the shit out of you.

And since the Pisco Fairy visited my local liquor store this Friday, next week we're taking this roadshow to Peru.
By which I mean 5Ds-inspired drinks are A Thing That Is Going To Happen.
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