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Whiskey Grimlock and the Creeping Crossover

Oh my god guys, I swear I'm not dead.  Multiple jobs are just eating me alive.
Anyway I'm hammered tonight and some of the gals asked me to make 5Ds inspired drinks, and I've actually had a few ready for a while but have not had the chance to do these because of camera.  Which is now working again. 

So, this is actually not the FIRST thing I made when I went out and got pisco. The FIRST thing I made was a nice, classic pisco sour, because seriously, if you go to Peru/have pisco in your possession and do not have one of these, you’re basically not a human being. Er…unless you’re below drinking age, in which case you’re fine.

Seriously though, I missed Pisco Sour Day (THIS IS A REAL HOLIDAY GUYS), so I had to do this.

But the NEXT thing I worked on was this.

…okay that’s a lie, I had some straight too.


Nazca Sunrise


3 - Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon

2 shots Pisco

1 shot dark rum

orange juice

1 oz grenadine

This is pretty much just a malibu sunrise with a twist. By which I mean two shots of 80 proof South American brandy (by the way—drink responsibly). Mix your rum and pisco together and strain them into a glass, then pour in orange juice over them. Add the grenadine by tilting the glass and pouring grenadine down the side, flipping the bottle vertically very quickly. The grenadine should go straight to the bottom and then rise up slowly through the drink, which looks cool.

Now as a note, your local liquor store, if it HAS pisco, probably has Chilean pisco. Capel, for example, is pretty inexpensive and easy to find. While that is going to give you some distinctively different flavor and color, it still works for this. If you want to keep things Peruvian, just make sure you check the label—both countries are very proud of their pisco tradition, and they make sure to display the origin clearly!

But seriously, don't get Chilean 'regular' (60-70 proof, or 30-35% alcohol volume) because they add water and that's just bullshit.

Fun fact!
Bats asked me to make a 'this show drives me to drink' mix for 5Ds, but since all of my 5Ds mixes will include pisco, they all automatically qualify for this nickname!
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