The Mad Poet (syntheticpoetic) wrote,
The Mad Poet

Weekly Prime Post I Have Been Skipping.

So after skipping posts on two different eps that I enjoyed (Flying Mind was AMAZING, fuck off haters, and man Bob Skir it is SO GOOD to have you back on board! I hope you get fewer death threats this time), I was all ready to actually post on this one.

Then Scooterscream happened.
Haven't stopped laughing since.

Seriously though, APEX ARMOR FUCK YEAH.  And I think I'm over my ambivalence to Dreadwing now that he has delivered some more Robot Violence Porn.  Not as good as a Megatron fight but hrrhrrhrr, still very nice.

It also addressed that writing problem I was bitching about before by having had humans discover this relic.  Thank you.  Now if they would just notice all the alien warships cruising around their atmosphere and/or crashing into their fields and valleys on an apparently fairly regular basis...
Tags: giant brobots
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