The Mad Poet (syntheticpoetic) wrote,
The Mad Poet


Anyone remember me saying how much Bulkhead made me think of my dad?
Yeah. I was not ready to see him and Fowler reminisce about their Army Ranger/Wrecker days and Bulk to have heart-wrenching 'I have to fight on for my little girl' flashbacks while he pushed himself through one last mission, slowly and painfully dying from the inside.

And now the show is going on summer hiatus without letting me know if he made it.

I'm not okay with this. FUCK YOU, HASBRO.

When Hardshell went over the edge into the volcano, all I could think was 'Didn't you watch Beast Wars? If you push David Kaye into lava he will only come back as a motherfuckin DRAGON' I am so glad I was able to think this or I would seriously be a mess right now
Tags: fanwank, giant brobots, stfu poet
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