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The Mad Poet
Tumblr shit that honestly and sincerely choked me up. Had to share.

Legitimately the sweetest thing I have seen in a fandom for a while.

I mean clearly this person is new to have not managed to stumble into all the horrible gender drama in this fandom but seriously I have so much love for every TF fan right now. You jerks all come here and let's have a great big group hug.

May this anon forever have this feeling when they hang out with the rest of us assholes.
The Mad Poet
30 April 2012 @ 05:10 pm

I do not understand why such a seemingly large (or at least vocal) part of Prime fandom has let themselves be convinced either Soundwave or Shockwave were going to be written in as female-identified characters, but I see a lot of folks, instead of being happy because Sounder has a focal episode coming up in which he will probably speak and Shockwave has been revealed for the show, already moping about how they’ll just be more boring male characters with boring male voices and boring male blah blah blah.

…Soundwave WILL HAVE The Soundwave Voice.  Soundwave ALWAYS has The Soundwave Voice.  And these characters are not only already firmly cemented in Aligned continuity as males by all the other material including toy bios, but classically male—not only that, but they are some of the ‘biggie’ Decepticons.  Of course they aren’t going to get swapped, even if some other characters might (TFA Dragstrip comes to mind).  That's like expecting them to genderswap Optimus or Megatron.  Why would you let yourself think they would?  More importantly, why would you care?  Don’t you like the characters as it is?  Why should changing their gender, or not, change this?  If you have to make it about gender, why not simply be glad that Soundwave has such an alien, and therefore androgynous design, or that Shockwave will be keeping his G1 enormous rack feminine visual cues? Prime is great about mixing male and female visuals.

I really do wonder about this.  My happiness at these characters isn’t dependent on them fulfilling some headcannon that I inherently know WON’T be fulfilled.  Why do some people insist on having theirs?  What's strangest is that these are still people who profess to be fans of the characters so really, I seriously don’t understand.

Also stop telling me I’m gender insensitive for calling you on it.  No seriously, stop.

Soundtrack: Glaze - The Rainbow Factory
The Mad Poet
28 April 2012 @ 09:17 pm
This week's episode had the Nemesis, and my God, that ship is such a gorgeous BEAST.
But I can't make an episode post until I stop having multiple fangasms over the fact that



brb, celebratory mad science now.
Soundtrack: Black Tide -- Shockwave
The Mad Poet
28 April 2012 @ 10:27 am
Events I have seen advertised in my immediate area alone over the past 30 days:

-Pirate Princess Night

-No fewer than 3 roller derbies

-Big Rig Jousting
(No, read that one again. BIG RIG JOUSTING. I have never wanted to be part of something so much in my LIFE.)

-Star Wars Battle Reenactment at Heritage Park, Clone Troopers Wanted (free glowsticks!)
(there really were free glowsticks!)

-Extreme Line Dancing (what?)

-Combination Wake/Parking Lot Disco @ the old Zanzibar
(this was the most insane party I have ever been to. Celebrating the life/mourning the forced closure of the Zanzibar dance hall, which I'm pretty sure is so old Anthony and Cleopatra once made out in the back lot. People showed up in like...their/their parents'/their grandparents' old party clothes and music from the 20s to modern was blared pretty much until dawn)

-Formal moonshine tasting party

-Tortilla-themed haunted house

-and pretty much 9000 gun and shooting themed contests/events

...I think this needs to become a new annual post for me because frankly, my neck of the woods is AMAZING.
The Mad Poet
25 April 2012 @ 06:55 am
There was a discussion on the fact that in season 2 of Prime, the writers seem to have inexplicably forgotten everything they know about narrative cohesion, character consistency, or, you know, pacing. Feels like different characters, a different show, no momentum, no forward motion...basically it really was like talking about 5Ds THERE'S a show I could use the 'worse than Exodus' tag for...

But it finally occurred to me what the REAL biggest problem with Prime's writing is. I mean overarching. Both seasons. This is actually something that was bitched about for Bayverse, which is funny because it happens on so much smaller a scale there.

AS OF SEASON ONE, Random Cybertronian Flotsam that has washed up on earth includes but is clearly not limited to:
-Unicron's giant severed robot god head (around which our planet is apparently formed)
-Huge miles-long deposits of Energon and its zombie-making counterpart
-At least one well-established colony of literally thousands of fourty-foot robot bugs
-No fewer than four derelict alien warships
-Energon extractors disguised as Greek artifacts
-Various sundry experimental alien weapons
-Various sundry alien religious artifacts that moonlight as potential WMDs/WMD generators
-Quake'n'Bake (Alas, poor Skyquake, we hardly knew ye)
-Horrifying giant colonies of metal-eating alien parasites
-Hugeass metal data canisters clearly not originating on earth
-giant robot battlefields full of giant robot corpses

While some of this is underground, all of the alien ships so far have been seen to be...pretty much just sitting there. Out in the open. In canyons, sure, but pretty much completely out in the open. As was the battlefield full of dead Cybertronians Megatron raised as zombies. And these are all things, mind, that are stated to have been on our planet for millions of years or more! Add this to the fact that the Decepticons are clearly shown to have several large-scale mining operations going on--that means industrial equipment, drilling, and tons of guards and miners who all happen to be twenty-umph foot giant alien robots--and that they perform their pickups on these operations with their miles-long warship and its tractor beam elevator by bringing it right down to the surface...

I am kind of left wondering two things.
1) How in the living fuck are we supposed to believe NO ONE ON EARTH HAS EVER NOTICED ANY OF THIS AT ALL. This sprints past Bayverse and leaves it blinking in confusion on the 'there's no way to cover that shit up' front.
2) What school of screenwriting it is that says 'if you want an interesting alien trinket or something to show up in an episode, just drop it in a canyon somewhere on earth. It's cool.'

Lazy bastards.
I still miss season one, where I could look at the variety of things washed up and bullshit crack theories about earth being intended as a prison/mining facility. And characters actually being distinguishable from each other. And actual coherent story direction.
I'm still looking forward to the next episode too because asldjflsdf Nemesis you are such a sexy ship Also YAY FOR MORE ROBOT ZOMBIES
The Mad Poet
22 April 2012 @ 11:52 am
Belated, but.


Am I the only one who looks at this and thinks 'DECEPTICON DOLLFIES'?
apparently robot babby are formed of asian fashion doll. WHO KNEW?

Someone needs to make this happen.
The Mad Poet
22 April 2012 @ 08:03 am
Always more likely than you think.

Maybe I should start putting these weekly posts behind cuts because oh my god, Poet, NO ONE CARES.Collapse )

I think this week's episode tried to do too much at once, and suffered badly for it. It was magical, but it felt very cluttered and there was more 'DRAMATIC EDITING CUT' than actual Giant Robots Fighting. With the number of battles going on, that really should not have been an issue. Seriously.
The Mad Poet
17 April 2012 @ 05:14 pm
It's become clear to me that we, as Americans and responsible adults, need to make a choice about the way we communicate and the words we choose to do it in. Because this is beyond NOT FUCKING ACCEPTABLE.

Warning for slurs. Oh, and beating the shit out of an innocent child.

My workplace is part of a program that helps troubled or special needs children gain job experience, learn the pride of a job well done, put some extra money in their pockets...all that. So on any given day, for a few hours we have a bunch of teenagers on the assembly line floor, generally doing the really light stuff, you know, nothing big but it does need to get done and it frees up hands for the heavy labor. While most of the ones we currently have fall under the classification of 'troubled', they're generally decent kids and they do good work and don't cause problems, friendly and polite, etc. Two of them though ARE 'special needs' kids. They both took a day off for the Special Olympics just a little while ago and came in the next day with a bunch of medals and big grins, everyone cheered for them, it was great. One of the kids is new, and I think it was a good introduction to the 'community' day shift's got going.

Other relevant fact about my workplace: more than half, maybe about 60-70% black, I'd guess, give or take. I don't usually pay attention and judging based on today wouldn't be fair, because like fourteen people were absent and I'm not sure who they were (based on today, figure would be higher). This is not an issue really, as that's pretty much how the population block falls around here, except apparently that means we have to hear the word 'nigger' tossed around. A lot. I mean A LOT. Up one end of the floor and down the other it's people calling 'hey nigger' this and 'what's up nigger' that. And generally that's not an issue either, since none of it is hostile and it's all just people BSing around with their friends and I'm not allowed to complain anyway because I'm caucasian, so to hell with it.

Except the new Spec Ed kid--who honestly is about six in his brain from what I understand--apparently is not familiar with this word. So after several hours of hearing it tossed around as a friendly, casual greeting and punctuation, he cheerfully uses it to address one of his school friends, who is also black.

New Spec Ed kid is white.


I do not know all the details. What I do know is that there was a lot of screaming, a lot of hate/race yowling, an ambulance was called, as were the police, the floor was cleared, and that boy left the plant on a stretcher. Three grown men were removed by the police. Grown men. One teen. A kid. No idea what he'd done.

Look, I understand that racism is an issue. And I understand that tensions are high in America right now on this topic. But we as adults need to decide if words like 'bitch' and 'cunt' and 'faggot' and yes 'nigger' are acceptable parts of our everyday lexicon, or not. And it isn't acceptable either to say we're simply 'claiming' a word; that it's okay for women to use 'bitch' or 'cunt' and people of color to use 'nigger' and LGBT to use 'fag' or...whatever crass slang is floating around Alphabet Soup these days. Not if we want to push for equality: these things need to be either equally acceptable, or equally unacceptable, regardless of who says them. Because we cannot have it both ways. We cannot use words like this as a casual greeting to each other in public social situations and then turn on children in violence and outrage when they emulate us, just because they are not part of that cloister.

No. No this is not okay. It frightens and appalls me that not one but three supposedly reasonable adults were turned into...into THIS, just brute howling thugs beating up a defenseless, clueless kid, because of a WORD. A word they'd been using all morning, casually, easily, like nothing.

How in the hell have we gotten to a point that this is how we use our language. How in the hell have we gotten to this point as a society.

I keep wanting to add to this or change it or something. I cannot articulate...anything. Just, God. What.
The Mad Poet
Hey you guys. Somebody call Bommer; I think we found his giant horrifying whale-god.

Chacu Challua will always be my favorite.

This is actually an older story, but I'd lost track of it and only just found it again. I am debating mentioning/adding this sucker in my 5Ds meta posts because squee
The Mad Poet
15 April 2012 @ 04:17 pm
Canada just won the game, guys. It's over. Finished.

Royal Canadian Mint makes glow-in-the-dark dinosaur coin

The rest of us can all go home.